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We’re here to help

Struggling to build your new life in sobriety?

To get even more specific, I can help you if:

  • You’ve completed your treatment program and aren’t ready to set out on your own.
  • You’re self-sabotaging and feel you’re at risk of relapse and need help getting back on track.
  • You doubt your worth or feel odd, wrong, or broken.
  • You have a list of things you have already tried, such as meditation, practicing gratitude, going to treatment or twelve-step meetings, listening to podcasts, taking medication, exercising, or going to therapy, but you still can’t seem to quit.


If that’s you, and you know that something is holding you back and potentially causing you to self-sabotage, even though you are capable of much more, you are in the right place.

Through our work together, I will help you shift all that so you can overcome your fears and self-doubt to reach a place of self-love and respect. So you can finally break free from your addictions and start living your life.

By doing these things, you’ll accomplish the dreams that you have been putting off all this time because of your use, such as reconnecting with yourself and your family, becoming a better parent, going back to school, or even starting that career that you’ve been dreaming of.

If you or someone you love are struggling with life following recovery from addiction, I can help you break free of that pain and bring you to a place of freedom and self-love, book your FREE 60-minute exploratory call now!

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My Story

When I was 14 years old, I was a passenger in a horrific car accident, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. By all accounts, everyone thought I would be brain-dead or completely dead.

However, defying those expectations, I learned to walk and talk again – doing everything the doctors, nurses, and occupational therapists told me was impossible. According to them, university or the ability to raise kids while working (even part-time) was supposed to be hopeless.

It’s been difficult, but I’m doing it!

After the accident, I became fascinated with the human mind (and that fascination has only grown the more I learn!). How do I study the human mind? I’m obtaining a degree in psychology and have been learning so much on that front. And I also work with individuals living with some of the most severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, and addiction. All of this has been so rewarding and has taught me so much!

But, mostly, I’ve learned from the school of life.

What is really exciting is that I get to do this while working on my business and being a present and loving mom. I am so grateful for my life today.

But I’m getting ahead of myself because there’s something else you need to know:

The recovery journey that followed my exit from the hospital was incredibly difficult. Growing up with a traumatic brain injury and the challenges that came along with it really hindered my belief in myself. I felt different and wrong. It felt like the things that came to most people easily were much more difficult for me, leaving me feeling isolated and alone. A lot of the time, recovery from the trauma of the accident felt hopeless. As a result, I fell into a severe addiction, which only magnified my pain.

At twenty-three, I hit rock bottom.

My life was a spinning cycle of apologies and self-sabotage. I felt there was no way out, and I didn’t know who I was anymore. Eventually, I had enough. Checked into a residential treatment center and jumped in with both feet.

After treatment, I continued my self-improvement through counselling, trauma therapy, and several sets of the twelve steps. And I finally got a handle on my traumas and addictions. Though there is no such thing as healing trauma completely, I have gotten to a place where I can live with it, and it doesn’t control me anymore.

In short, I understand how your mind works. This understanding comes from a place of having experienced and overcome some of the deepest, almost immeasurable fears and obstacles. Because of that, I can help you overcome your fears so you can break free from your addictions and gain everything you need to live the life you truly deserve.

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A message to the Family

Something you will often hear an addict say is that they’re only hurting themselves. But this is not true. Addiction takes a heavy emotional, physical, and financial toll on the entire family resulting in anxiety, stress, guilt, anger, and resentment.

When someone is heavily addicted, their mood is unpredictable. They’re happy, angry, loving, argumentative, and defensive. And tend to get into much trouble at work, in social situations and even with the law.

So what is the family to do?

Often the family will find ways to make excuses for their loved one and cover up the situation by cleaning up their messes. This can be a full-time job! So, the family member feels anxiety and guilt all day long, worrying about what the addict is doing.

The stress of their unpredictable moods and the trouble they tend to get into is a lot for the family to take on. It feels like their entire life is about this one person and making things okay for them so the rest of the family doesn’t suffer.

But you don’t have to live like this. There is help for you, too!

As such, one additional call per month is included in the Break Free Recovery Coaching package dedicated to helping one family member. During the family member calls, we will discuss boundary setting and ways to cope with the situation at home. The best way to do this is to understand where each other is coming from and how to communicate effectively.

This part of the program aims to nurture and protect the family’s relationship.

If you are still trying to decide if you are ready to take this next step, schedule a FREE 60-minute call, and we can talk about it. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.